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I am using CS2 because that is all I have at the moment on my Craptop.


There was a tool I use alot on my PC to select items, not the Polygon thingy tool, but when chose it was a circle, and you could click and drag the selection, or if the photo was good enough, it would perfectly select what you want... I cant find it on CS2 at all, does it even have it?!!?! I can not remember what it is called.


Any help would be great, thanks.

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No dude, its not the Magnetic one.


It works in the same way though... example.


Magnetic tool, click and go around the wheel to make the circle.


the tool I'm on about, if you just click the parts you want to cover, it automatically selects the wheel. the curser turns into a circle?


It's really baffled me as to what it was I used..... I am sure I have it on CS2.

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the magic wand tool will do similar. but if it doesnt select all of what you want hold down shift (i think) and you can add bits and i think if you hold alt you can unselect parts.


Ah, the tool I am on about does exactly what Magic tool & Shift do....... only you dont have to do that. lol.

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Can someone be really kind and Do my BMW with Maters mouth & eyes please??? I would appreciate it lol.


I tried this and failed completely.





Here is the original picture if someone would be so kind:



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