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changed seats and now air bag light is on


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hi guy, ive changed my seats from gti's to mk5b cab seats and now the airbag light is on as i havent got any where to plug in for the seatbelt pre tensioners.

how can i get over this? thanks


have you plugged the passenger seat wires back in?


iirc your ecu now thinks there's someone sat in the passenger seat as its not receiving a response from the seat sensor.

easiest way to check if thats the case is to fasten the passenger seatbelt and see if it alters the lights (tho it might also be illuminated to indicate the seat fault generally).

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and I never knew escorts had seat occupancy sensors?


thats just it, I cant be 100% sure wether a similiar issue I came across was on a escort or a newer reg feista :unsure:


and if he cant locate the wiring (or they nevere existed in his motor) he only has two real choices, pull the bulb or go get it diagnosed.


personally, Id choose the latter everytime.

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To stop the light flashing due to no where to plug the seat belt pretensioners wires you'll need to 5.5ohm resistors.


Simply cut the plug off the end and solder the resistor across the wires. Then repeat for the other side, the system then thinks it's plugged in and the light will stop flashing.


This way you still retain the warning bulb should another different warning arise.

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