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escort 1.8 si


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hi guys new here and a new perchase is my escort 1.8 si 3dr




this is how i picked the car up

my plans are to generally tidy it up and a few nice visual mods for now,

spent today tring to get the skirts off to have a look at the condition of the sills and stripped back door cards to waxyoil it

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Got it from merseyside m6 j 23,


Plans are to fit tac 1 immoby, dvd player, speaker upgrade, tint rears, lower 35 to 40mm, fit a cossie spoiler, smoked side indicators, modded ghia grille, mesh bumper and a general tart up lol but before get the car a all over servicing and replace any pannels needed aswell as waxyoil fresh underseal

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update on the progress

wayoiling the quarter pannels to protect them from rust and found out there were very clean






got to taking the rusty screw out to replace with shiny pot rivits and the drivers sill was just falling apart

upon further investigation i saw this :angry: not all lost i will get a mig welder out and change both sills and new wing while im at it not bad price £103 for two new wings and 2 full sills





on a higher note i got a set of plasma dials on order along with a cv boot as pass side has split, bonnet raisers :) and a iso plug and facia surround to fit this bad boy :)



and removed the mudflaps, (who ever thought they were a good idea)


could have a bit of a veggie patch going on there lol



fitted footwell neons to wire up to the doors



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neons off ebay :D i have them in my boot and used to have them in footwells and boot and under amp and in grill of my escort


only for show use, nver on the road. had an underglow kit to go with it but never fitted it and is blue and having a black and green theme on the mondeo

hard luck on the rot. glad your fixing rather than breaking and getting another one

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neons look sweet behing grille, im thinking of amber strobe lights into my fog lamps

i saw an escort van in roadworks with amber LED strobes in the fog lights on mondeo 16's and all colour coded and extra strobes in the rear reflectors. looked really good

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your before and after is the same pic


i have the richbrook tax disc holder in my mondy. looks good


please take the RS badges off. they dont look right on an Si and if i got grief for having GTi on my ghia even though they have same engine, how much for a non RS engined RS :P


plasmer dials look cool. was gonna get a set for mine but never bothered. might look into it for the mondeo but prob not.


not a fan of raisers myself but if you like em then enjoy :thumb:

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