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Mk6 Escort SATNAV in Dash


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Well, I can't picture myself getting back in an Escort, so this doesn't really serve any purpose to me any more!


Some info:


TomTom One gubbins,

Screen frame fibreglassed into dashboard,

Screen fitted to frame and PCB mounted on foam behind, secured with electrical tape (not really possible to make brackets),

Speaker mounted inside the remaining vent for audio,

Power button in place of headlight adjuster switch (if you car has a headlight adjuster switch you will need to either remove that or move this switch to another location),

No battery, power cable is attached directly,

USB cable connected up and hidden behind dash - can be placed wherever, or even fit a female to female adapter to create a USB socket on the dashboard somewhere? (I kept it hidden purely because I hate updating TomToms!)


I had it connected using a cigarette lighter 12v to 5v transformer with a PC molex connector so I could remove it whenever. The device runs on 5v but does require quite a bit of power to switch on, so cheapy 12v to 5v transformers won't do it! (I have tried many!)


The dash itself is flocked black (by MDA Motorsport) and looks great. It will need a clock and heated screen & foglight switches to complete. All vents are fitted and the vent the TomTom sits behind has been sealed off to try and help prevent heat soak when using the heater in the winter, I never had a problem with it last winter.


£100 takes it away. Collection only - WS7 area.


I'm reluctant to post it because it's a silly shape to wrap and lately I've found couriers to bend, snap or break things a LOT so I'm really put off posting!








USB cable and power cable (can obviously be cut and/or changed to suit...)




This one shows the speaker mounted inside the vent:



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