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Bentley GTC Detail


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So I thought I would do a write up on this Bentley to show newbie’s to detailing (and you guys just interested in all this stuff) what can be done, and show you some interesting pictures i guess?


So the detail:


The Car: Bentley GT Continental

Colour: Black

Paintwork Condition: Extremely Bad, swirls, holograms, oxidisation, buffer trails from repair on door.


So when I first looked at the car I didn’t have an LED torch to hand to really inspect it before saying id do it, plus the sunlight was poor, so it didn’t look too bad... Boy was I wrong!


Car was dropped off Friday night ready for me to attack it first thing Saturday morning (5:30am)


Couple of Before Pictures:






- So to start with I rinsed the car with the Karcher to remove whatever dirt wasn’t welded to the car.


- Meguires De-greaser was then sprayed on the bottom half of the car and left to sit for a couple of minutes why I set all the cleaning gear up.



- The car was then rinsed again with the Karcher.


- Next came the snow lance, I used about 1.25 inches of Citrus Snow foam, and a small amount of Meguires Hyperwash, mixed up with warm water.



- I worked around the wheels and tyres using various brushes, (about 6 in total) while the snow foam did its thing. Being a 2 piece wheel, there are a lot of areas dirt builds up and never gets washed off, so this took a while. Various small brushes for face of the wheel using Meguires Wheel Brightener mixed up very weak as its really strong stuff and these wheels had a tad of lacquer peeling on the diamond cut edges. I used an EZ Detail Brush for the backs of the wheels. I’d have liked to have removed the wheels but I knew this was going to be a long day!



- Car was then rinsed with the Karcher to remove the excess foam still on the car. No wax on it at all. Water just sheets on the paintwork, no beading what so ever lol



- The car was then washed using Meguires Hyperwash, the two bucket method, and 2 lamb’s wool wash mitts. Then rinsed once more with the Karcher.


- With the car about to be clayed I just dried the car quickly for now.


- Next it was clayed, this was using a Cleanyourcar.co.uk own brand of clay, thought I’d try it as a few people have mentioned its value and quality to me before. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be fairly reasonable, very mild so some really stubborn areas took some work. (that’s where id normally used the Meguires aggressive clays - but id ran out) this was done using Meguires Last Touch mixed 50/50 with water as a clay lube.



- After the claying, it was rolled inside ready for machining, I turned on just one of my 1000w lighting stands, and the state of this paintwork hit home, needless to say it’s not something you want to see too often. After going around the car checking for problem areas, it was noted that the passenger door had been keyed and repaired (so non original paint there, with overspray on neighbouring panels)









(Random picture of a mini I have to do aswell)



- Let the machining commence! As you should do, I started out with the lightest combo of pad and polish, then worked my way up testing until I found the combo that i was happy with, this turned out to be a White Hex Polishing Pad with Menzerna Intensive Polish. For the small area’s smaller spot pads were used.


- After this was complete I went round it again using Menzerna Final Finish with a 3m black pad to refine the finish, there were still fair amount of scratches on the car, but I wasn’t willing to push it, and this was way beyond what the owner expected anyway.


- Unlike the 350z detail I got some 50/50 shots, and what pictures they are! Shows just how bad this car was!










- After this, the car had to be re washed. Normally I get away without having to re wash a car but there was so much machine work involved in this 1 day detail that the car was covered in dust, excess polish etc. So again, Hyperwash, 2 bucket method and 2 wash mitts.


- The car was then dried using Micro fibre cloths and Meguires Last Touch (straight).


Will post second half in a minute:

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- Rolled back inside, and cleansed with Lime Prime on a German applicator pad, I then went around with Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax on a micro fibre applicator pad. Left to cure for 10 – 15 or so minutes while I went round sealing and dressing the wheels and tyres. (Rimwax and simple tyre shine). The wax was the buffed off with yet more fresh new clean micro fibres.




- Exhaust tips got a quick polish, glass cleaned inside and out, all door shuts wiped down etc


- Engine was cleaned up using APC diluted 4:1 and variety of brushes.




- That’s the outside about there, and then I had to move onto the inside. The entire interior is leather, its mental! So my Sonus Leather cleaners and conditions took a beating! Then the black glass was simply wiped over with micro fibres to get rid of dirt and smear marks etc.


- That was 17 hours well spent in day one! No breaks, no food. I was shattered!


- Came back Sunday morning to get some final pictures, as by the time I finished it was 11:00pm and pitch black outside. So i went around the car with last touch (straight) and a micro fibre cloth to remove any dust from the night. Then to get it to gleam even more, I went around the car with Zaino Z8. And that was it, time for the final pictures.































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Wow, that was in such a shoddy state before... but now it's fantastic, I'd bet that if you went to a Bentley dealer you'd find many cars with more paint defencts in the showroom than this one.


I'm interested in how many of the owners pounds you asked for for this job?


And are those black bits on the passenger side of the dash and door card glass?

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I didnt charge half as much as i should have for this. :( but thats because there are likely to be other cars awaiting a little seeing to aswell, plus its one of my bosses mates. So done it cheaper as a favour.


The guy bought it 3 months ago as his misses wanted it. So its not really too much his fault for its horrid condition. But atleast he wanted it looking good again.


As for am i a detailer. No more than a hobby really. I just do the odd car whenever something comes up. Thats why i dont post these up like weekly lol

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I didnt charge half as much as i should have for this. :( but thats because there are likely to be other cars awaiting a little seeing to aswell, plus its one of my bosses mates. So done it cheaper as a favour.


The guy bought it 3 months ago as his misses wanted it. So its not really too much his fault for its horrid condition. But atleast he wanted it looking good again.


As for am i a detailer. No more than a hobby really. I just do the odd car whenever something comes up. Thats why i dont post these up like weekly lol



Nice turnaround!... I did a Bentley identical to this one but the owner asked me not to get the camera out.


I was gutted! :(

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Had a phone call from the owner of this the other day, he wants me to do his other cars (which I already knew) but he doesnt want anyone else washing it now either lol, After i explained just how the car got to the state it did, i think i scared him a bit and he wont go anywhere to get it washed now. Looks like I have more than just my own cars to clean each weekend now.
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