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Who sells Ed Hardy in-store?


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Just got back from Turkey and bought some (obviously fake) Ed Hardy t-shirts and was going to get a hat & hoody I liked the style that much.


Now i'm right into all the Ed Hardy stuff, i've found their American + UK sites, but with it being an American make i'm guessing their Medium and Larges are going to be different, slightly.


So i'd like to know where, if any, sell Ed Hardy stuff in-store so I can try them on?


Thanks, Liam. :cheers:

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Clothing sizes chart: http://www.brightonarea.co.uk/ebay/conversion.html


Basically, your small is America's Medium, your Medium is there large, your Large is there XL and then they have XXL, XXXL. etc etc.....


Obviously that is for if you buy online. :)

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Yea, I know what you mean Liam, I prefer to try on than buy online. It's better plus its less hassle if something is wrong. :)


it's far easier to take stuff back if it's been delivered, they normally collect for free.


paying the fuel and car parking again to go into town is more hassle imo.

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nah, i'm a bloke..........."that fcuker will fit"..........buy, and leave lol

you actually consider that much?


Imagine the scene....


I happen to be wearing favorite CK jeans and whoopsie I rip em.






"grab me a new pair of jeans when your in town"


"what kind?"



"right ok"


"cheers babs"


and back to whatever I was doing

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