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what was your first car


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Just wondering what everyone's first car was. How much it cost and what happened to it?


Mine was a k reg rover 214 sei bought off my friends uncle for the princely sum off £200 which I had to push start every morning!! It ended up in the scrap yard in the sky when I snapped the drive shaft and couldn't afford to fix it. I would love to have that car even now but I'm not sure if that's just nostalgia!

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Ford Escort 1.3 - 30,000 Miles on the clock, I modded it subtly, but ruined it with shitty chavy bits & then it got broke into so I scrapped it.




This was as far as the modding went before it was scrapped:


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not sure which really counts as my first. pug 106 1.4XT - scrapped as wouldnt run properly, citroen ax, restored and drove for a week after i wrote off the other contender being my corolla 1.6 executive

first one name on log book

first one i did anything with

first one i drove

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this is my first car


when i first got it, its not the best picture as i never really took any of it




and after a few years of service




and how she looks after a good old restoration




its till not finished got to play with the suspension and brakes fit a headlining and various other things but i dont intend on getting rid of it

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1.4 PTE 5 door "freedom" (yes it's the origional colour)


Paid 2k for it from a dealer in spring 2003, chucked about 5k at it on bits and bobs, crashed it 4 times, one fairly hard non fault, two little ones my fault, then the one that wrote it off which was also my fault)




Probably the biggest regret of my life TBH

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Mmine was battered Gold Ford Fiesta 1300 Ghia, it was like shite off a shovel, it had a brown vinyl Roof that was a bit worse for wear.


I took my then Girlfriend at the time to the west Mids safari Park and the monkeys started pulling the vinyl off the roof the little Blasters lol


Loved it though


i then went up market with a Manta which blew up then a Sierra and then onto a Mercury Grey XR3i

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