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electronic Instrument Cluster


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Hello fellas.


Does anybody have a wiring diagram for a 2001/2 fiesta's instrument cluster ?


Not the "digi dails", because those don't work as I tried the guide and noticed everything differs on the dials(South Africa sucks!). Well at least the pins from the cluster with the speedo cable are the same as those on the digi guide(white and blue plugs), and I have a Haynes :D so thats sorted.


The pluggy on the dials looks exactly the same as those on the digi, but the pin outs are different.


This dial I got is from a Ford Bantam bakkie(only in SA I think ?). Anyways as I recall correctly its the same as the mk IV facelift fiesta.


Heres mine :




Any help will be HUGELY appriciated, I really don't won't to blow something :unsure:


Thanks !!

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