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New Motor *German Content*


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Don't post regularly here but often visiting. Anyway Yaris is now for sale and I have a new motor which is a Golf GTI:













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Cheers, Nah thats just LED sidelights (expensive ones though lol). They aren't actually that blue just bright white.


Already painted the brakes and fitted Hekos. Next up will be some pressed plates. And in the future I would like remap, coilovers and possibly exhaust :)

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dare say you could guess my opinion quite easily :P


you will fall in love with it after a remap, although budget for an (expensive) clutch soon after if it hasn't replaced recently :)


It hasn't been replaced, car currently on 70k.


How much is expensive? lol



I done mine the very cheap (and if i'm honest, half arsed, because I was skint) way, and that was £350 fitted.


Reckon on £600 to do it properly, dual mass fly and all that shite :rolleyes:

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