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what colour is this??


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Ok so ive done a bot of search for you here as i like a challenge


i cant seem to find colour swatches but i have a list of possibilities that you could look into


The First one is a simple Kawasaki Pastel Green i think this shade is pretty spot on to what your looking for




Then there is


Kawasaki Manchester Green


Kawasaki Vagas Green Candy


Kawasaki Tender Green


These are very close Matches to what you want however finding the correct Shade is going to be nigh on impossible.


I would say thats a shade thats been mixed to a desired taste, but it is definately a Pastel Green


hope this helps

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Hi if you want An exact match if you can remove a side fairing take it to a paint supplier they most of them have a machine which will scan the colour then they connect to a laptop and it will give you an exact match of what colour is and a list of equivalents that match.....


Hope this has helped

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