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decat and abs issue


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i had my mot friday and it passed.i had my cat put on then yesterday i went to get my decat pipe refitted.Ive now noticed it dont sound the same as before ie a bit rubbish and rattery.is this a case of it not being fit properly ie blowing?i can only describe it as clapping sound?wasnt like that before it was deep.its on a magnex.

im gonna go back to mr tyre tommorrow but just wounding is this a blowing situation?


plus my abs light seems to be coming on latey and not going off?some times when i brake it will come on and also when i use indicater aswell??any one had this?ive tried looking at the pipes that run along for splits but canrt find any.


cheers michael

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is it a proper decat pipe or a cat with the guts smashed out? sounds like its vibrating somehow or maybe loose baffles in the centre box? the latter being quite common. i have a mongoose with decat and middle box removed on our gti sounds great but now the baffles are coming loose in the back box ffs lol :thumb:
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