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CD Player causing dodgy idle and lights flickering?


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Okay its for my dog of a corsa B.


I have some aftermarket cd player in there. And one evening on my way home from work (at night) the headlights kepted dimming for a moment every few seconds, then going back to normal.


Eventually figured out it only does it when the cd player is on.. So tried a different cd player in there, still does it!


So thought maybe its the cd player drawing to much power from what could be a now crap battery and the alternator on this pee pot engine had to run it there and then as well as power the engines spark etc.


So took the cd player off. and thought id try turning up the heaters onto full, that uses some power, and all was fine? So it really is just the cd player that causes this,


It doesnt only dim the headlights, but any light that is on the car. i.e. handbrake light, dash lights, clock lights etc and when the lights dim the engine idle/revs dip a few hundred rpm.


What the feck could that be...?

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