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Escort GTi forsale. (Again) **Big Fat SOLD**


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Well the cars forsale again ..


Settled back into the Ex-Pat lifestyle so the cars no use anymore.


You all know the car and its Minty ..




Plus the Addition of Recaros. ACC spolier, Focus Rear Discs and a few other little extras over AS Spec.


102'000 Miles on clock .. All paper work you require ..


Might need a N/S drive shaft ... (It clicks now and then)


O/S/R tyre is near limit but have a Brand New ZE912 included.


T&T SEP 10 ..


Wont find a better spec, cleaner scrote for the money ..


Been in the Garage for the last 3 month.


Price: £1000.


Might Swap for a nice little AUTO Fiesta or Similar.


Location: Durham.




I never SORN'ed it so its still Taxed.


If it dont go then its getting SORN'ed (For defo) and rolled back into the garage ..

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I will defo be at yours on Wednesday Ross


Sound ..


What time do you think?


Just give me a Bell tomorrow or summit mate.


Few Pics of the car ... Taken about 20 mins ago :cheers:


What time do you reckon there Wayne?






Dam ... Sad to see her go lads ;(

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Ok Im going to close this. I merged your last post because it had no relevance as it appears the car is sold and I fail to see why posting pics up makes any difference now. Then to add another post saying "ready to go" I again see no point and nothing you couldnt tell Wayne via PM or txt/phone.

If you have an issue in me closing this then please dont hesitate to pm me Ross mate as it can always be reopened if you have a viable reason for it. I just dont see any point in continuous bumps on this if its as good as sold.

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