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FS - Undriveable Escort Mk 6 LX 1.6(red) - Spares or repair


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Hi guys

Bought a red LX from these very forums from HeavyRightFoot back in January. Used it for going to work mostly but now its got a few issues that mean I am getting rid. Im not a mechanic so dont know for sure whats wrong but I'll list the faults as I see them:

I think the front wishbones have gone, car wobbles when driving - started yesterday night.

Handbrake not locking on fully - think rear brakes are on the way out.

Loud noise from passenger side - think this is wishbone related.

Looking to sell for spares or repair really, it has MOT till January but I'll be applying for a tax rebate so will need taxing.

At the mo, I think its undrivable due to the wobble and the noise coming from it so you'll have to get it on a truck.


Good points:

Starts first time and the engine is very quiet. Its done 106k miles.

Interiors in pretty good nick, will need a bit of a hoovering out as I had the dog in there last week to go to vets. not much though.

Has the SI alloys (the triangle ones), but one needs tyre replacing (got spare wheel on at the mo). Front 2 tyres have plenty of tread on it and the back one has quite a bit too.

Had oil changed 2 weeks back.

When it was driving, it was driving very well. Quiet inside etc.

Upgraded front speakers (they were in the car when I bought it)

Electric wing mirrors

I just have no money to have it repaired at the mo so I'll be taking train to work (rubbish!).

Would prefer to sell as a whole as I've no idea how to break it up.

Would be asking around £200 but open to sensible offers.

Oh, and I live near Barnsley if anyone wants to come have a look.




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