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is it worth the money?


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17" hope you dont like punchy bass.




what Aarons trying to say is.....


.....your ears will bleed at anything over level 2 on the stereo volune control :thumb:

no no lol


a sub of that size will only be good for rolling bass not anything punchy it wont react intime with the music

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I honestly dont know why so many people rave on and even obsess over getting a sub in their cars, its allways struck me as pointless given that the qaulity of bass sound these subs put out (asuming its a decent sub) can never really be appreciated in the cramped confines of a cars cab area.


I personally am a strong advocate of avoiding using a sub and instead concentrating on improved general speaker upgrading which in itself can easily produce a range of bass on par with the qaulity and close to the bass levels of a sub when matched with a good headunit.


additional benefits of my choices are I have improved sound throughout the range instead of just often overbearing bass.


at the price your paying you could easily pick up a secondhand set of something along the lines of 300watt Infinity 6x9's which I cant recommend enough when matched with a headunit of decent qaulity and if in your case you want that overbearing bass from time to time they can easily handle a bass range that would usually leave the majority of 6x9's rattling and torn without distortion.

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The right sub adjusted the correct way using the correct amp can compliment a system. By far the most important thing is to get a quality pair of components in the front doors.


I laugh at kids who go up and down my road going, 'boom boom boom' which clearly is all they can hear in the car also, to many people getting a loud sub is to show off. I run a 1400w amp into a twin 10" inpase sub enclosure sending 700w to each sub but I also have quality pioneer front components and alpine rear mids.


With a twin 'smaller' sub setup you can achieve a better bass range giving a thud and a roll also, 17 inches is ridiculous dont bother with it.


Make sure you get a head unit with a plus and minus sub level option, bass in tracks fluctuates so much, you'll be playing a tune that will need extra bass boost and then suddenly the next will need a minus 10 setting to bring it to an acceptable level. If you havnt has a sub before get ready for the endless frustration of rattles and things vibrating unless you fork out on dynomatting your whole car!

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As many on here have said, it's just too damn big! Decent headunit, Alpine front components run off an Alpine amp, Alpine speakers in the rear doors and some Pioneer speakers at the back Run off the headunit, and a Monoblock amp running 2 12" Kicker Comp subs is what I'm running. The subs are loud, very loud in fact, but theres no point in that unless you have a decent speaker set up first.

What sort of music do you listen to? 17" will be too big to sound any good with most music, my old 15" subs were ok but generally too slow to react with hip hop and dance music. In most cases a single (good) 12" sub will do the job, maybe 2 if 1 isnt enough.

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