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Your van for me car *swop*


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Well hi guys and girls, I haven't been on here in soooooooo long, dont know whether people remember me or not?


Anyway basically im after a van these days for a few reasons and I have my car that I can swop you for it.


Im obviously after a good condition van that has been looked after, and if its had a few things done to it alloys etc that would be much preferable :) Also not a million miles away, I dont mind travelling and meeting in the middle, but places like scotland is just too far haha.


Anyways my car that ill be swopping you with:


My car is:


1.4 1997 ford escort,

62,700 miles from new! Was bought from an elderly couple only using it on weekends for shopping (will increase slowly due to being my daily aswell),

FSH from new and all old MOT certificates,

Has been maintained regardless of cost as I am a mechanic by trade and serviced every 10 - 12,000 miles,

A full service just carried out last week,

12 months MOT just put on it from 04/08/10,

6 months TAX just put on it from 01/08/10,

Over the past 2 or so years since it has been in my ownership it has always been very well looked after and polished most weeks without fail.


I have also just had part of the O/S/R arch cut out, replaced and professionally resprayed.


MOD's I have done to it have all been nice and sensible:


-60mm gmax lower springs,

16" 7j mondeo alloy wheels with 205/45 R16 rubber,

GTi front bumper with Cupra R splitter fitted,

Checkered vinyl roof,

Half tinted rear lights,

Boot install with sub sunk into spare wheel well so it doesn't take up space in the boot,

MOS cd player,

Smoked side repeaters,

Carpeted seat backs,

Stickers front and back.


Erm think thats all for the mods from the top of my head and I think ive covered everything necessary that you'd want to know about my car.


Only bad points that I can really pick with it is very minor things, the rear bumper has a couple scratches on it and the front bumper has been resprayed before and it is a very slightly different shade and now has some stone chips. Thats really about it. BUT I have a half litre of pepper red paint sitting here waiting to be used to respray the bumpers I just haven't got round to it yet.












So what you got to offer, thanks all :cheers:

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