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recently fitted a 2.0 zetec into other halfs escort, car pulls well until full throttle when its just flat, i havent fitted the 2.0 ecu as i cant find a non pats one(would a 1.8 130 be any good?) so still runing on the 1.8 ecu. it is just on full throttle though, fine in any other position. also sometimes when you try to make progress from low revs in say 4th she will cut once then continue as normal, wierd and annoying. Oh an drev counter has a mind of its own, changed the clocks and no different, any ideas?


cheers :cheers:

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nope.... has to be non pats


If you are running a mix of parts you will have issues

sensors are designed to send back signals to teh correct ECU. If you are using the wroung ECU the sensors will be chucking back messages giving false values to the ECU causing the car to run like a pile of pish.


You need, the 2.0 ECU DEEP DEWY DALE DESK irrc, Follow the 2.0 ECU conversion guide (there are some wires to be moved) this can be found in the how to section of the site

You will need the Injectors, Trottle body and MAF from the 2.0 as well, that sould see you sorted :)

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