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1997 escort 1.8 ghia x


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selling my beloved escort as have the mondeo now. will miss it but needs must and dad wont let me keep it till i can afford the work i want done














only work i know it needs for the MOT is the rear shock as i never got the new ones as they sent me wrong ones :nutter:

may need handbrake looking at as its pointing little high


has MOT till early OCT, no tax

91K on the clock, loads of service invoices, and stamped up book till 07 when it got home serviced by previous owner (told cambelt was done in 08 but no receipt so i have one to fit)


has sony front speakers, standard rears (although not fitted), standard radio casette player


had the following replaced since i've owned it (may 09):


  • both front wishbones
  • cat
  • front shocks and coils
  • cat back
  • rear wheel cylinders and shoes
  • ICV
  • rocker cover gasket
  • flexi brake hoses
  • n/s front brake pipe (second hand item)
  • airbag clock spring (need to refit warning light)
  • white dials (reading just over 80K, originals were 81 when these were fitted showing 70)
  • bonnet lifters
  • castrol magnatec oil used
  • last service in april



  • both rear arches have rust and my dads attempt at repair didnt work leading to rust returning and bad paint on both rear quarters
  • rear bumper is panther black after my dad crashed my mondeo into the back of it on way home from buying the mondeo
  • airbag warning light not fitted atm, but is included
  • mid silencer rattles when you rev up and let revs drop due to baffles coming loose when car was lowered too much (repairable??)
  • aircon tempermental (electrical fault in compressor, recent re-gas but will only engage clutch when it wants too - second hand one for £35 and hours work)
  • paint work on rub strips and wing mirrors is flat and on drivers door strip is peeling - panther black ones are included with the car


not major issues and hardly worth scrapping 'the ultimate expression of escort' as called in the 97 sales brochure included with the car

engine is good and strong, with dyno print out to prove, 126.9bhp with just induction kit as performance mod


being ghia x has all the toys:

  • heated front screen
  • heated washer jets
  • elec heated wing mirrors
  • one touch down on drivers window
  • leather wrapped steering wheel
  • reach adjustable steering
  • 6 speed intermitent wiper
  • front fogs
  • elec seat height adjuster
  • leather seats


really is a nice car

£425 ono. or £600 with ST alloys and almost new toyo proxes T1R tyres (195/45 R16) (tyres cost £245 on their own)

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nudge - i'm trying to sort out all the bits that would get this car looking more like it used to in terms of originality

waiting to see about ghia alloys, centre console, wood effect surround for the gear gaitor, a rear shock to fix that and what ever else i can sort easily

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will be returning for sale soon. doing some work to improve car pre-sale


re-spraying back bumper

tidying arches

ghia 14" alloys

ghia grill and number plate surround

ghia centre re-fitted


windscreen have chips repaired (will fail otherwise)

rear shock replaced

handbrake seen too

sony radio cassete with 6MP3 CD changer mounted in glovebox


i will also mop the paint, wax it etc too make it look really nice before selling

price increase too £700 when finished


also get a/c fixed

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