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my latest escort 5 door


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hi thought id best say hello well im nigel and this is my latest project ive owned many escorts this is my latest one i bought a few weeks back with only 65000 on the clock and a rubbish load of reciepts of an old boy who really did look after it






since owning i have changed both front grilles,wheels,exhaust,gti seats,and other ghia bits i also have some skirts and spats that need paint it will be a slow project as money is very tight at the min due to not much work on and i owe the missus a people carrier so will have to save for that then the escort can be made very nice the body is good bar the rear arches need replacing does anyone know the cost of having these replaced and painted

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Very nice mate good luck with the project :)

i have bought a pair of skirts for the car but there not genuine and have no jacking covers,will original gti ones fit or shall i just toss them in the bin and buy a pair of originals? also just got myself an interview at a new place of work so if i get this job then the car will get underway,also just want your oppinions on wheels and lowering i was thinking around 60 mm on coilovers with either 17" 5 spokes or multispokes,but dont know if to have them black or white what do you guys recon all comments welcome

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