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Any one got one?


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i think a corsa passed my taxi with one of these on ( i was sitting engine off waiting for a fare ) ... makes it sound as if there's a mini hoover under the bonnet ... but saying that he did zoom past me quite quick.... innit !!
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The Facts!


For Petrol or Diesel --- fair enough


Generates up to 10% Extra BHP! ---- yes up to... does not guarantee a rise, infact id say its lowering it, obstucting the air flow


Saves up 30% fuel ---- bullshite

Acts and sounds like a mini-turbo under your bonnet! ---- Does it run off the exhaust gasses? no. so it does not act like a turbo, would sound like a hairdryer




FASTER 0-60 ---- nope, slower


A whole lot more power at high speeds! ---- possible... if rolling downhill




Better combustion ----doubt it


Reduced Emissions by up to 65% ---- shite

Reduced fuel usage by up to 30% ---- utter shite!



PAYS FOR ITSELF IN JUST TWO DAYS!!! --- id pay to see it write me a cheque for £24.99


The only fact is that all the above are lies :roll:



Sounds legit to me :innocent:

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