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Ive sold the Mondeo, the new owner collected it on Saturday morning, which instigated a hunt for a new daily driver to tide me over the next month or so.


A viewing of a very, very poor 1991 BMW 320 coupe (which I offered £250 for, but he turned it down, more fool him, he will be stuck with it for a while) put me off being bothered to travel far for a cheap car. Looking on ebay showed there was pretty much nowt in my area that would be decent enough to get my money back on in a couple of months, so I gave up on the cheapie cheap stuff and looked for something that will get me back my outlay, without costing too much.


A quick look at the local classifieds and I went for a look at a Golf GTi. 120k, solid chassis, no obvious rust on the bodywork, but the paint isn't great and the interior doesnt have any rips, but needs some tlc. Nearly new tyres all round and T&T till the end of December


Now for the worst pictures since, well, ever.



















Work my magic on the paint and interior, a service, repaint the wheels, and switch the stereo for something with an aux jack and bluetooth.

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Looks alright that TRIG!


I thought the Worst Car Pics of August Competition had finished :roll:


Closing date is 11.59pm 31st August, Im in with plenty of time to spare


if im honest it looks quite tidy was going to get one of these last year but went for an escort instead. look at gettin the Recaro's out of the higher spec GTI's they look sick is this 2.0 16v?


Its the 8v.


Im not for making any changes to it, I know I will be getting rid at the beginning of October, so no point spending any money on it that I wont get back.

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whats the idea behind swapping the mondy for that mate? :)


Ive got a different car coming at the beginning of October, so just needed something to get me by till it arrives.


Will look nice mate, seen some of the detailing u done bet this will come up wonders.


Cheers, I hope it tidies up well.


its got too many doors.


Pah, its more versatile as a 5 door.


The beginning.


Of? a busy weekend detailing, yes, thats about it though.


Looks alright that does, so go on...how much?


I dont want to say, I will be selling it pretty soon and I dont want any of the "you paid X so Im offering Y", I will advertise it for what it is worth, not what I paid, whether it be good or bad for me.

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Just posted this in the for sale section http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...howtopic=138671


Ive finished tidying it up, didnt manage to get all the old polish residue off the plastics though, its still come on loads though.










Time for it to go, so its on pistonheads now and will be advertised a few other places shortly

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