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D.I.Y Bed building help


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Hi Guys and Girls,


I dont know much about D.I.Y Stuff so after abit of help :innocent:


Today i purchased a new king size bed and put it together. (which is very nice)


When it was complete i noticed one of the bolts (side of the bed, which goes into the head board) had the spring washer and the normal washer in the wrong place, basically the spring washer should of went on 1st and then the normal washer but I had done the opposite on the one bolt :nutter:


Would this make much or any difference as i dont really want to take the whole thing apart again but I really dont want to damaged the bed either :(



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isnt it abit different though? so you sugest changing it over? :kill:


Plus i should be moving house next year so tempted to leave it till then, I just dont want to weaken the joints if it has any effect at all


Shouldnt make too much difference if you have tightened it up sufficiantly... but would always advise you do things properly... :thumb:


Thanks for your advice, everything is very tight and sturdy

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Im sure it wont be a problem!, so long as its tight ffs its only a bed! :roll:


If the washers are the wrong round it'll loosen it time and could cause squeeking or a weakness in the structure.


Don't listen to me though what would I know I only have 7 years experience in this industry :roll:


Of loosening beds?

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