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Samsung B2100v - Solid Extreme


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Selling for my mum, still got recipt for £100 from vodafone, hardly used it and has been back in box now for the past 2 out of the 4 weeks. looking for quick sale to put money towards new phone so first to slap me with £60 collected takes it away, £5 will see it posted.


Features: US military standards, quad band, dust & water proof, noise cancellation, torch light, usb 2.0, bluetooth, micro sd, 1000mAh battery




cheers, Danny

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i have one of these. awesome phone, especially if your clumsy. tougher than the JCB phone :D

water proof (can drop in a metre depth of water, leave it for half hour and it'll still work), very tough (dropped it several times) and has a LED torch on the top that is actually very good :)


good luck with the sale. good price

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