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Loads to sell


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Right going to have a clear out of all the crap i wont be needing for now i have a few pics to start the thread but more will be uploaded when i take them.

Gti steering wheel £30 posted


Rs 2000 bonnet bulges £30 posted SOLD


Rover 220 coupe bucket seats Recaro style £20 Collected


Rs turbo bonnet vents £20 posted gen ford


No pics as of yet but i have

Si steering wheel £30 posted

1x white dials £20 posted

1x Black dials £20 posted

mk5 xr3i skirts £30 posted

rs2000 disc beam £40 collected will need rebuilding all parts there

Poly disc beam mount bushes £25 posted SOLD

Poly anti roll bar bushes x4 £20 posted

Rear omp strut brace £40 posted

Rs 2000 hand brake cable £30 posted new SOLD

Rs 2000 front brake upgrade inc discs, calipers brand new pads and anti squeal clips £50 collected will need hoses SOLD

Xr/rs head lights and side lights £50 posted

Xr/rs orange indicators for bumper £20 posted

Xr/rs front bumper £40 collected

4x 6j mondeo alloys need tyres £60 collected

5x gti alloys need 4 tyres £50 collected

1600/1800 cat £30 posted


Have more items will list when i remember, I will get pics for all parts listed offers excepted on some items but not others.


Location is St Helens Merseyside


Thanks for looking,


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Hi, do you still have the cat & do you have pictures? cheers.


Still got cat i shall take some pictures



are all the parts for the rear beam definatly there?


Including the handbrake retention springs? :cheers:


the hubs are still together just have been removed from the beam



Rs 2000 bonnet bulges how much including postage to Malta??


i would say they would cost ya about £70 including posting to you mate just done a quick search online postage alone is over half that price!


Id expect the same but


Rs2000 front brakes sold

Rs2000 bulges sold

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