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Just thought i would let you know if you don't already that you should be careful when posting links to pics on said site as if you leave the picture in a public folder or just the generic upload location anyone can see the pics. While this may not be a problem for many, there may just be a dodgy/incriminating pic of yourself or someone elsse that you would rather the rest of us not see.


Ideally set up a sperate folder for your car stuff and if im not mistaken when you post a link to a pic in that folder you cannot see any of the persons other folders.


Just a heads up

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Just don't upload dodgy incriminating photos then.


Because if you do then rule 34 comes into affect.

Ok i'll be t he one to ask..... Rule 34?




i typed in turtle and got " mr potato head unboxing" i was hoping for porn involving a turtle. am very unhappy.

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