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lovely MK4 Astra 1.8 CDX auto


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mums selling her car so i'll see if any mug on here wants it. sorry, meant lovely person :rolleyes:


Its actually a really good car.

registered 01/01/1999 on a S reg

One of the first Mk4's so even though its a CDX doesnt have rear elec windows or front fogs (big deal)

Very full service History - vauxhall till about 2 years ago when we started using tesco vouchers and got it done at nationwide.

includes 3 receipts for genuine floor mats!!!

85K i believe

9-10 months tax on it, MOT till Dec i think when next service due, cambelt done recently

has ABS, TC, has discs all round (see gaz's old astras front brakes, that on the back basically, fronts only just about fit behind standard 15" alloys)

aircon, front one touch elec windows, heated elec wing mirrors and usual other car related stuff


I have used this car when the vectra caught fire :rolleyes: and my what a difference to that. same engine but astras handles so well (lotus chasis engineering), brakes are spot on, gearbox is smooth.

this car really flies yet does good fuel returns too.


does need exhaust looking at as mid silencer has a little blow (should be patchable but you need to drop it too patch it so why not replace it)

will be on some other vauxhall 15" alloys off a mk5 as it needed all 4 tyres changing and the wheels were scuffed anyway


mum calls the colour nappy brown, vauxhall call it antelope. metallic beige is a good description too


we've owned since '06 and i belive it was 1 owner before that, at most 2. only selling as my dad is a moany sod and complains about the seats and ride being too hard (why i had to get rid of the mintest gti interior i've seen for my scort and had the ghia x full leathers which not as good)

so mums bought a pug as its a squishy thing with suspension made of custard and arm chairs for seats :D

£1300 ono.







will be de-cluttered and have standard radio casette player (there is an invoice from vauxhall of the previous owner changing the CD player to the tape player :nutter: )


also for those with kids, very safe car with drivers, passenger and curtain airbags.

has remote locking, 2 remote keys. is the most reliable car we've owned (my parents having owned hondas, mitsubishis, toyotas, nissans and me and my bro having toyotas, subaru, volvo and a few fords)


any questions just phone me on 07835 899676 and i'll go look for you.

btw, aircon DOES work

mum would rather keep it so price isnt very negotiable, one or 2 little scratches but if i can be bothered to mop it (unlikely as i haven't done the escort or the mondy) then it would look fine.

also after a small car park knock it got a new front bumper and pointlessly a n/side headlight (old one had some paint scuffed on it that could have been polished off) - only mentioned as the new headlight is nice and obviously new :D i would change otherside but mum didnt care. also they gave her half a new splitter so halfs nice and black and halfs kinda grey :D




anyone says or what will get :kill: :)

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