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right had this for a litle while now and realy need to sort it as its getting worse,things is my temperature sensor does not work but its none of the sensors,odly the batery light and engine light used to stay on and was kiling my batery ,thinking this was the wlternator we changed that but wasnt that eventualy that just went but now when i drive my car mainly of a night time i notice the iluminating lights on my clocks dip and my sub cuts in and out and temp guage atil doesnt work when car is runing or driven but when ignition is on the temp guage reads as if car is over heating only drops when started and also have had an isue were the maf needs to be unpluged for it to drive as should as with it conected it the car some times holds back
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Hello there.


I hope you chaps can help me out here as I have a bit of a problem with my electrics which has been going on for some time now and doesn't appear to be improving (obviously!). My temperature gauge in the dash doesn't seem to be working and don't think it's a sensor. The alternator charge light (battery light) used to remain lit and my battery was getting drained, but i'm not sure why.


I thought this may have been down to the alternator, so I changed it, but didn't fix the issue. As if my magic, that problem went away all by itself, but now I have a new issue:


When driving my car at night, I notice the illuminating bulbs in my instrument cluster are fading and my subwoofer cuts in and out. Also, my temperature gauge still doesn't work when the car is running, but when the engine is stopped but the ignition is on the needle goes to maximum.


On top of this, the car doesn't run properly with the MAF connected.



Please halp.

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