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my small turbo escos


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this is my red small turbo escos, swapped it for the large tubro one i had round easter time, long story :rolleyes:


been slowly getting it up to scratch, been returning it to as near standard as i can


when i got it -









removed the quad lights, half tinted rear lights, smoked indicators and lowered suspension and replace with stock items, also had the wheels refurbed at my brothers bodyshop :cheers:














also got sam to get her paint brush out and paint the calipers -










a few randoms






also got a alloy rad as the original was leaking






car is currently back down the bodyshop haveing the front end sprayed a i wasnt happy as it had a few stone chips








should be looking as new when it comes out as its having all brand new neadlights, sidelights indicators and side repeaters replaced, will post some more pictures when its back in one peice


hope you like


mart :cheers:

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very nice!! are you leaving it all very standard on the outside and just uprating small bits here and there under the bonnet??


some carbon fibre parts would suit it imo. but original ones are just as good!



cheers mate, yeah gunna leave the outside totaly standard looking, under the bonnet its got a stage 1 chip -31 actutaor and air filter etc, been thinking bout carbon spark plug cover as it would go well with the red paintwork :cheers:

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Nice! Whats the underside like?


Really really concidering breaking my car so i can get an escos, and seeing threads like this dont help ;(



underside is mint (now) myself and my neighbour replace both inner and outter cills and replaced the front jacking points as they were none existant :rolleyes:




also got sam to get her paint brush out and paint the calipers -


And they're nicely done aren't they?! :innocent:



there ok i guess :rolleyes:

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how much it costing you for spray job?



£300 for the front end to be painted :cheers:


:drool: :drool: One day....


Having owned both, which do you prefer - big or small turbo?



small turbo for sure, idles much better and beter on fuel too :innocent:

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