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Cosworth 4x4/Mondeo V6 Calipers (Front)


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Im in need of a set in decent working order (will take a pair of knackered calipers if the price is right). I think they have 887 or 888 stamped on them?


Dont mind if they have been painted. I do NOT need pads, discs, hoses etc.


And I dont want Mondeo ST220 or Focus ST170 (300mm basically) calipers, as they need to fit behind RS Turbo Turbine alloys.


Many thanks, Ryan.

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only genuine cossie ones have 888/887 :thumb:


Incorrect, I got mine from a mk2 mondeo V6 Ghia X and they were stamped 887/888.


i stand corrected :nutter: also found out they were on granada cosworths too.


learn something new everyday :thumb:

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