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Help me work this out, sounds too good to be true...


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Ok so i've got myself a new job at Northumbria Uni as a Fitness Instructor, which is 9.9miles away from my home (we'll just class it as 10 miles) - So 20 miles there and back...


I get 300 miles to £40 so i'm guessing all I have to do to work out how much it costs me to get to work and back is:

£40 (full tank) - 20 (miles there and back) = £2


So it's only going to cost me £2 a day to get into the heart of Newcastle, and back home? Sounds too good....


Only reason i'm working this out is i'm trying to find out if it's going to be cheaper to carry on getting the metro, or just use the car.


Metro ticket prices:

Single Return: £4.60 before 9am - £3.80 after

1 week: £17

4 weeks: £58

Annually: £450


I work there 5 days a week, sometimes 6 if I fancy some overtime.


Any help lads? :cheers: :thumb:

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Lots of short trips increase fuel usage. It's best to go by MPG and then work out the point state cost of it, as fuel prices vary, but your fuel tank size doesn't.

Would you class 10 miles (20 mile round trip) as a short trip? Fcuk I thought it was long! I'm alot cheaper than I though :pancake:


Your get 15 20 mile trips for £40 so they roughly work out at around £2.66 a journey + all the time waiting in traffic ect.


But that won't be much.

Also think of the convenience! You can't put a price on that!

That also plays a big part, i'm sick of lumping all my training bags on the shitty metro and having people stamp all over them!

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You have answered your own question then, it's more convenient, might cost a little bit more but sometimes it's just worth paying that little bit more.


Do you have to pay for parking though?

Nope, there is a place opposite the Uni called Baker Street and it's basically just normal streets where I can park for free

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Yes, It's a 55 litre tank, add on to that the filler neck tube and from PROPER empty to Full to the top your looking at more than 60 litres.


Are you honestly saying your 1.4 does 300 miles and then only needs £40 to make it full again?


My old 1.4 done 300 milles but needed 50 odd litres to make it full again (which may well have been 40 quid, but this was in 2004 when petrol was below 80p a litre)


On the calculations you gave above, your 1.4 is returning 42.5 miles per gallon average. which is.... just not possible in the 1.4 (The 1.4 is less economical than the 1.6)

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