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Ken block # 3


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Fok it wont let me edit :vangry:


Somebody delete my post above please.




Quite honest of them to leave that mistake in at the beginning and not do a retake to make the video look cleaner...but i suppose they didnt wanna use another set of tyres.




I'll bet you that it's not one continuous shoot but separate sequences and they just decided to use the most interesting bit where he scrapes the wall. Another set of tyres ? They have a 30ft trailer full of slicks !


Anyway I'm glad that Ken saw the light and Malcom Wilson managed to sign him up for a proper car maker. The Fiesta looks magnificent and I can't wait for next year GB Rally to see them trough forestry.


Saying that, less power and slower diffs wouldn't hurt him, it's obviously way too powerful for these purposes and the driving is nowhere near his original scooby videos. That's what happens when you have a car prepared by Norwegians - they tend to go slighlty overboard with madness and poweeeeeeer. :)

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well his first gymkhana showed him rear end a barrier after the huge 4 wheel slide he done after going over 100mph. you can't really see the damage but you can only just when he is doing some donuts you have to look real careful!


but none the less awesome video. if he was using full slicks to do them drifts they would have disintegrated well before the second drift!! but i know he does spend about £1500 for a full set of tyres to do them drifts!!

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Some indulgent porn -



Ken Blocks videos used to impress me.....


Then I saw his rallying career LMAO!


I saw him at Colin McRae stages and thought average on precision,some hairy moments but good "dude" that just goes for it.


Coming in with such a horrible handicap - American (let us not forget that) he seems to enjoy himself in the forestry quite a lot.



Anyway he's good for Ford PR and what's good for Ford is good for us :) (well some of us anyway)

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