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my xbox/ariel keeps cisconnecting my internet!


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thought it was just the ex's internet playing up but now im back home noticed it here to. if i manage o actually get on line i get a bit of play then a while after it knocks the internet off. i dont really wanna use a cable as got a wireless reciever would microsoft replace it? and has anyone had any similar probs with there wireless?
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a neighbour had the same issue while I was playing MW2 with him, every couple of matches he'd suddenly drop out then have to wait for the router to allow him back on.


He tried moving his Xbox downstairs to be at the same level as the router, then moving it into the same room and even eventually right next to the router which kinda made the whole wireless jobbie pointless obviously.


He googled it and found a answer on yahoo answers I think, has something to do with a flow limit on his router and he needed to adjust a setting on his router, I honestly wasnt paying attention as I was running him a hard line ethernet cable up from his router to his bedroom were he normally had the xbox before at the time.


He later told me he much prefered the hardline connection now anyway as he hadnt realised just how much his box was struggling to stream somethings over wireless.


I personally never use the wireless adapter even tho I got one free with my Elite system, I allways use a good qaulity ethernet cable instead, means a bit more work if you want your box in a room that your router isnt in but the benefits of the smoother gamaplay and streaming imo out-way the effort.

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