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woo hoo i got the job!!!!


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i doubt many of you know but i finished my job in design almost a month back due to a few probs at work, iv recently been working a sh1t job (cleaning aircraft) at east mids on nights to cover the bills. i applied to a local prison to become a prison guard not expecting much of it, anyway a few weeks later i got invited to an interview.


unfortunately i had a night shift the night before but managed to finish at 2am rather than 6 am so i got a couple of hours in. the interview was the longest hardest interview iv ever done running from 9am to 16:30. it comprised of 4 parts first was scenarios (sp) where we watched a video about an incident and had to discuss in groups while being listned to how we would go about it, finally having a big gob paid off! next was role play, THE hardest thing i have ever done at work, two proffesional trainers played the part of two inmates one of which played a bully and the other the victim, and talk about getting blood from a stone! it certainly put things into perspective!!!

after that we had lunch then the group was split again, a few minutes later we were told the other half of the group had been sent home, we didnt know till then they would be halving the group! (there were 10 in my interview day) we then had exams, comprising of listening, maths and english (god knows how i passed the latter1 lol) then finally an interview with two bosses.


i went away semi confident but for the first time in my career a little unsure of how i did! anyway this morning i got the good news i have the job, and start on the 11th of october :D soooo happy, finally a job i think i will enjoy!!! also means only a few more weeks working 10pm til 6am for £6.17 an hour!!!


just thought id share my good news :)

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shifts dont sem to bad, this is at a private prison. really cant wait, doing this compared to being in an office behind the same computer 8 hours a day five days a week will be a holiday compared to that!


Nice one. Well done!



cheers sid, its one of the two jobs, the other being a coal miner which wont have any future iv wanted to do for a longgggg time. cant believe not only have i got the job i want to do but i got the job full stop, think they had 50 odd interviews as well :D

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im down to three cars and a motorbike at the moment but one car is up for sale as is the bike as i want a chopper or custom next year, the other car isnt on the road so im only running the e30 and the bike at the mo.


wage is okish, it starts low at first but when you pass the 9 weeks training and get past probation i "think" its circa 20k pluss overtime, you get money off (i think) pole or councel tax (one of the two) if ur a home owner and can retire at 50 if u want and the pensions good.


the bmw will either be turbo'd on low boost for 2-250bhp or upgrade to either a newer car OR something with a v8 or similar in it. depends how money goes tho, its a few miles closer BUT i might be moving out so will have to see. most likely stick to the same car or one of equal value for a little while yet.

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