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Panther Black Escort GTI - [No Price]


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not really sure what Im going to do with this but I will put it out there t see what kind of interest I get.


My faithful Mk6 Escort gti has finally bitten the bullet - took her for the dreaded anual MOT and failed on pretty much all chassis rust, not having escorts effected by rust before I decided there and then I wasnt going to bother getting this through the MOT , and have since bought a new car.


the escort is now SORN and sitting on my drive... its always been a tiday motor i always thought, with only some slight rust bubbles starting to show at the bottom of doors and around the back arches .... under the car seems to have been a different story.


Im not really sure if its worth trying to sell an untaed/uninsured car whole, of stripping it of anything 'sellable' and scrapping the left overs for the weight of the metal?


skirts are genuine and undamaged, leather seats are quite clean, alloys are almost perfect (no curbing) , various extras like strut braces and lowers springs, powder coated rocker cover, new clutch bout a month ago.


please note - this car is SORN, so cannot be driven/road tested/delivered or met anyone half way ,etc..


so offers .. questions etc ? please feel free to reply here of PM me...




ps - go check my profile for pics, I will post more if I get any interest.








ps - stoke on trent , staffordshire area by the way

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1) Please make sure your advert contains all the relevant information. Price and location are essential, without these, your For Sale thread will be closed.

When you are ready to include the correct details, please send me a message and I will re open your for sale topic.

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