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I basically had to remove my drivers window to access my lock mechanism & have now replaced the latch & mechs. My window will need to be fitted back tomorow so any advice on re fitment would be helpful, electric btw. Mines a cabby but the electric adjusters and supports I imagine will be similar.

Please dont do a Haynes (reversal of removal lol). Haynes failed to tell me all the little things like bits falling out when bolts were removed and pars moving all over the place inside the door lol.

Im after tips and possible pitfalls I may encounter.

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rail and supports are indeed of similiar designs to the standard saloon spec but ae reinforced to counteract the lack of window frames on the cabbies.


best way is to drop the window support mount down half way before trying to slide the glass back into the door making sure the glass sill felt trim plastic is removed (although door cavity access is more limited on cabbie doors so you may have to raise or lower the mount more so as to be able to get a hand start on the two bolts that secure the glass to the mount).


once you have a hand start on the bolts you can raise the window up to its full closed position, which will put it into its correct orientation and allow direct access to the bolt heads through the fitting holes in the door panel.


after that just repalce the trim then test the glasses ease of movement up and down a few times and make sure its upper edge mates cleanly with the roof lip again (if not you'll get some adjustment of tne bolts again)


have fun.

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Cheers, im sure it will be one of those push wiggle and find the right angle jobies.

Here is all I had to work from in Haynes.





Not sure if that looks familiar to standard escort fitment?

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