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A couple of things of mine on the Bay..


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The item pictured does not relate to these items listed?



time this was re written?


"Failure to include a photo will result in the closing of your thread"???


It was only written yesterday & could find no trace of any related item in his sale or sold to the pic, yes indeed it has a pic but it may very well be micky mouse lol.

Unless indeed you know something I dont which is why I left it open for explanation from the seller.

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peewee - JC was quoting the text from the rules on this forum :) - however, your point is more valid :)


Ahh my mistake lol, sorry JC, I thought you were saying that the item pictured could of been available in his items at the time of writing ie "re written" not that you thought the rule should be re written, my bad.

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