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I want bigger brakes


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Options are:

Rs2000 straight swap

Mondeo some drilling to widen a hole

Focus as above

Cosworth as above


Im assuming you want fronts?

Standard setup should be just fine though unless its for looks or uprated speed wise?

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I want bigger brakes on my Escort. Its a Mk5b 1.8 Zetec.


What do I need to get from the scrapyard?


Do complete mondeo hubs fit?


From what I can gather the main issue is Anti- lock brakes. ABS complicates matters somewhat. If your car does NOT have ABS check out the how to section on here as there are two different guides on there from memory. PeeWee's previous post points you in the right direction :thumb: .

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abs is only a problem if you are wanting to replace the REAR drums


Cheers mate I thought that but one of the how to's on here says its a no- goer if you had abs the "Mondeo V6/Cossie 278mm Brake Fitting guid- *First of all, you need to make sure your Escort does not have ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), as the Exciter wheel fowls the Calipers.* Don't think the guys refering to the rear think it's the front end?!?

thanks for clearing that up and apologies for posting bullsh1te :blush:

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