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picture uploadin!!!


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Heyyy Wax long time.

try this link or indeed as you said use photobucket.



no probs took me a week to work it out!!!



In all fairness it took you a week to find the punctuation Jordan lol.

(Im your best friend today am I not pmsl) :pancake:

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Aye, hope your keeping well herman!!! bloody hell, shirt and tie moderator now!! I just want to post pictures of my little play car.


you keeping well mate?



Yeah keeping great here ta, Ive been moderator for years now Wax you havnt been away that long lol.

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good man. Still driving a Mk 6 Cabriolet ? (french for Convertible) .


i still pop in whenever I can!!!



Yep still got the cab, its been Peewee'd now though as only peewee knows how too lol.

Didnt stay standard long.

Always good to see you around.



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