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ADDING Escort badge


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Hi all!


So I know a lot of people want to debadge their car but I want to add the escort letting badge. Because I like it :)


When I bought it a while back private it came without the badge so I've only just decided to buy the badge which came yesterday. So I kinda need to know what would be a suitable adhesive to put it on, I don't plan on ever removing it so if I used something strong like super glue would that be an idea? I know that would probably damage the paint but if I never take the badge off...


And I'll need to know how far from the left of the boot and from the top of the boot it should be placed as well as the distance between each letter if anyone knows?


I can see myself cocking this up and getting the letters all wonky but we'll see :)





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Get some double sided foam tape (this is what they would be originally fitted with). Cut the tape round the spare of the letters with a Stanley blade measure with a ruler where you want them, then ether draw a faint pencil line to line them up or, temporarily blu-tak the ruler to the boot to stick the letters on with then remove the ruler.
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Sounds like a good idea that.


You dont know the measurements of where it should be placed do you? I've had a look on Google but cant find them :( and dont want to guess it and end up placing it way off



this may help



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You bought them second hand? So someone has scraped them from their car?


You do know you can buy em new from any ford dealers for 7 quid? And they come with sticky stuff on the back, and also in a handy little thing that holds them at the correct spacing while you press them to the boot.


I'd go new every time

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