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Ford 5000 RDS advice


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I have just bought myself a 1998 Ford Escort CL with a Ford 5000 RDS cassette radio fitted. However, I have a couple of questions about the radio as when I switch off the ignition, the radio still remains on. I have checked the wiring behind the radio and everything is as it should be. The other thing is that when I first switch the radio on, the display comes up with "1 hour" for about 5 seconds and then that goes away and the radio functions normally. I haven't been able to find anything conclusive, but it looks like this is some kind of setting to allow the radio to operate for 1 hour after the ignition is switched off. If this is so, is there anyway that I can disable it as I would like the radio to switch off with the ignition. Any help and advice will be very welcome.

Many thanks


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