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FAO anyone who has or has had morettes..


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as above... im wanting to know where you had/have your indicators (pics if possible?)and has it passed an mot like that?? (especially ghia grilles)

reason being im struggling with ideas atm and car is due its mot at end of november :( at the moment mine are situated behind my honeycombe grille :( i dont really like these grilles tbh and would prefer my ghia grille.. but i also would like to keep my two CAF and my fogs as they are..soooooooo..... any pics/info/tips/hints/ideas welcome ;) :thumbsup:

pic of my car as it stands atm...

(you can just make out the screws holding the indicators to the grille..)


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just found this with a search.


The last copy of the reg's I saw re' front indicators said:

Maximum distance from edge of vehicle 400mm

Minimum separation 500 mm unless width of vehicle is less than 1400 mm

It appears from previous messages that some SVA stations are interpretating edge as maximum vehicle width - in our case across rear wings not front wings.

It's also interesting that the same reg's state the same position requirements for the headlights.

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Neil had his in the grille see here.


Best idea I saw were ones fitted to a laguna splitter holes.

This was my plan.


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cheers guys :thumbsup:

so neils had led strips??

im not technically minded so would it be easy to get some led strips to connect to my indicator wiring??

as im liking that idea ;)

the lagunas a good idea but it wouldnt be feasable with my cossie bib :rolleyes: :D

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heres a bit better pic ;)


for now ive reverted back to honeycombe grille and put them behind that..

but ive been enquiring on 5ive-o

and apparentley the legal requirement is they have to be no less than 15" from the edge of vehicle and they have to be at least 20" apart..

now as they are atm.. theyre 15" from edge of vehicle but only 15" apart :(

tez ive been thinking about that idea..and seen these..

led indicators

does anyone know how hard itll be to wire thaese in? (bear in mind im good with electrics if its taking sommat apart..even then id probably blow sommat up or shock myself! :rolleyes: :roll: )

If you are using these in addition to your normal indicators there is no need for ballast resistors

If using instead of your standard bulbs or on there own you may need resistors to correct the flash rate (flashing too fast or not at all) Resistors listed separately

its that bit that made me wonder :unsure:

ive also been directed to this idea..


and toying with that.. (which seems a better option tbh) but id lose my CAF...


what are your thoughts guys?

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My pepper red gti had them in the behind the front grille and passed it's mot.

Pointless pics as you can't see them.





On my first silver one I mounted them under the bumper by the lower grille if that makes sense. If you look to the right of the reg plate you can just about see one.



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I have been reading this thread as I Am in the same predicament. If you take out the inner lenses I want to know where people have been putting side lights?


Sorry about hijacking.


if you take out the inner lense you don't loose the side light.


the outer lense has the same bulbs in as you do standard lights


the inner lense is for full beam, for when the dash displays the bulb light

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