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Radiant red 3-door Escort GTi spares/repair

Chris XR2

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My old daily hack Escort is up for sale, it was going to fail the MOT on a few things like the track rod end, lower arms, welding on the chassis rails and a rear brake pipe.


I decided to take it off the road and get it sorted, I replaced the lower arms, track rod end and both droplinks, but then I got fed up with it and decided to buy a new car. All these items have been around the block once to get them settled, so are as new.


£300 takes it as is, you'll make more by breaking it, or if you can weld it'll be a cheap fix to get it MOT'd.


It's standard aside from a cat-back Magnex, done 109k and has a FSH (last service done by myself with receipts to prove.) Few dents and cracks in bumper etc, but a decent honest car. Also have a pepper red bonnet to go with it.


No Tax or MOT, so will need to be trailered away. Have the advisory sheet from last years MOT to show the problems I started to sort.


Pic of it from late 2008 on the RR - made 110.5bhp - not bad for 98k! :lol:




Car is in Swindon, Wiltshire.


right, this has been up for 5 hours and I've had just as many queries about it!


to answer some of those questions:


- I'm not intending on breaking it just yet, hopefully it'll go as a whole.

- It's £300, I'm not taking offers on it as it's already very cheap considering the new parts fitted in addition to the desirable GTi bits and the full stainless.

- Some new pics will follow, light hasn't been great this evening but I'll see how they come out when I get the pics on the computer at work in the morning.

- I do have the V5, it is my car and has been since 2005 - I am the second owner.

- Yes it does have aircon, but no it does not work. You might get away with a regas but I can't guarantee that.



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Here's a pic of it from last night




and some pics of the bad bits...


parking scrape



rust spot on door



dent in bonnet (have a spare)



dent in wing



bootlid with sealant on it (a temporary measure to keep the water out while it is stood)


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got the front sideskirt jacking cover?


thought I got back to you? Sorry if I didn't mate - the front passenger one is the only one missing :nutter:


I still want to let the car go as a whole - I will only break it if it doesn't go by next month sometime...

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