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2.0 silver top Zetec


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Taken from my MK6, now sitting in the garage doing nothing as I don't really have any use for it.


Done 80-90k, always ran fine in the car. Was converted a couple of years ago, had head gasket, cambelt etc all done. It's pretty much ready to just slot in, already running the Escort type sump etc, still has alternator and PAS gear attached. Inlet is off at the moment as it was a 130PS one which I've kept. I'll include a complete 115PS inlet, which has fuel rail etc still on it, and also a complete, unopened 1.8 gasket set so you have spare bits and pieces as well as a gasket to fit the inlet. I'll also include a 2.0 air flow meter. The clutch is less than a year old too, so you wouldn't even need to change that to be honest.


All that's missing is a couple of cam cover bolts, the top cam belt cover, and a 2.0 TB, all easily sourced. Only issue is that the sump plug is buggered with a rounded head, so it even still has the oil in it! Will include a new sump plug for you as well, so that can be replaced before you fit the engine.








Located near Gt Yarmouth and strictly collection only. £175ono, cheap way to convert your 1.6/1.8 for a quick power gain.

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