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MK6 morretts for sale


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i brought these not long ago but sadly i cant do what i wanted to do ie colour code them as i carnt justify the cost at the moment.


the lenses are in very good nick,im sure they have been replaced so thats one less thing to do

there is only outer lenses but there is blanks in place which look nice when fitted.

i am including the indactors in with the sale.

There are a few marks,on the plastic covers but not seen when fitted and but if your doing it to match your car a respray will sort that out.



Looking for what i payed for them 140 collected or plus postage :cheers:


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you have the rs grille so on two of the clips u have a extra hole which mine were screwd threw to the indacators.you just plug the end of your standard plug in to the plug on the indacators and thats it.they were bright behind a honeycombe grille. Edited by mickygti
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