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Guess what I'm doing next weekend


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Rally driving experience in an Escort Cosworth. Woot




I'll be at Oulton Park, anybody done the rally day there? Quite looking forward to my first drive in a cosworth powered car, and definitely looking forward to making it go sideways :drool:

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Looks like fun, hope they let you go full mental in it, i can see them holding you back, better than my mate who done it in a 2.0 Sierra at knockhill


the sierras a knockhill wernt too bad, they let me gun the arse off it, they've got scooby turbos now tho so i fancy a blast in them

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Right then, thought I would update this post with a couple of pictures from the day. Weather was great, started to look like it would chuck it down but brightened up instead. The track was kept soaked to aid in drifting.


An awesome sight:






Stage 1 - it looks dark due to the autoexposure on the camera due to taking photos into the sun, it was quite bright. The track had just been soaked. The other stage features more trees, this one is quite open in comparison.






The beasty, rally-prepped RWD Escort Cosworth.






Me climbing in wearing a rather stylish helmet.






And away






It really is slippy as hell out on track, you couldn't just sink the throttle otherwise you'd end up facing the wrong way. So much respect for the instructors, they make it look easy.






Me nailing it down a straight bit. You never need to go higher than 2nd gear (ignoring the time I accidentally hit 4th lol)





And THIS is how to do it:





All in all, a fantastic day and would highly recommend it. The guys are really great there, and they really do help teach you car control. Plus, the controls are all in the same place as the mk6, so the control feels really natural :thumb:


The site to book the experiences is here, but note that only Oulton Park does it in Escort Cosworths, Brands Hatch uses FWD Pugs (no contest, really).

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