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Swap MK5a Cabbie for...


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Hi there, I wish to swap my Mk5a Cabby for something ford that is already MOT'd... I braught it as a project but I need to be on the road and cant afford to spend any more time or money on it. Its A J reg Radient red cabby, 1.6 cvh.


Things I have done since buying it a couple of months ago...


Mk6 Dash and Digi Dials

New Mohair Roof

New Steel Exhaust and Decat

New Handbrake Cable

Replaced Brake lines

Leather Front seats

New MP3 player and Ariel

After Market Rear Fogs

Underside hole welded


Things it has as standard...

Electric wingmirrors

Electric Roof

Electric Windows

Footwell lights

Ford Alloys

Heated front screen


Bodywork is tatty in places and it has no doorcards fitted.

Pictures up later.

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ok I still want rid of this car as I need a 5 door thats road ready, Sincemy last post the car has had new HT leads, new Plugs, Mk6 Doorcards, New Backbox, Recon Gearbox, and a new clutch problem is now the engine isnt running and am out of time and money. So anybody got a Fiesta 5 door, escort 5 door, or a mondy they want to Swap?
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