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BMW E36 316 coupe - long t&t

mk2 steve

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not sure if it'll get any interest on here but worth a go, open to swaps with a motor with decent MOT and a bit of tax, need a hatchback or estate preferably !


ive got a BMW E36 316 coupe auto, MOT'd for 11 months, taxed for 5, in the Aylesbury, Bucks area. Mileage is on 144k , will rise as its my daily. For this mileage, the seat, steering wheel and gearknob show very little to no wear.


Has: electric everything (windows, sunroof, mirrors etc), sports and economy modes, MPG gauge. 18" BMW alloys with good tyres (2 brand new ones on the back). brand new exhaust. recent new brakes all round. rare colour - moreagrun metallic green. body and paint is in excellent condition, with only one small very small dent on the rear of the car. always starts first time. interior is in good condition also, with maplights for driver and passenger, driver airbag, adjustable steering wheel etc. also has the BMW flashlight, auto dip rear view mirror, some service history , manuals, and the boot toolkit present.


bad points:


part of the bumper above the exhaust is a little melted where a previous exhaust was fitted too high. not too bad though and could be fixed with a little filler.


occasionally misfires around the 4k revs mark, not always though. either a vaccuum leak or the coilpack are the main suspects, ive not been that bothered by it to find out.


fuel gauge has stopped working, so I fill it up every 250 miles to be safe.


when you fill up with petrol , for the first mile or so the car idles erractically - not sure why , though I let it run for about five mins after filling up and its usually fine. other method would be to just not brim it and it will be fine.


all in all a very comfy car to drive, and has a long mot and tax and is good to go. also open to suggestions about swaps, so lets see what youve got :)















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3 door escort 1.8 si ? red hatch, mot and tax. pretty clean no rusty arches etc. lots of histort think its been lowered and got some nice multispokes on it. if your interested pm me ur number and ill send you some pics over.


sold this ageessssss ago mate, ive got a TDi mk6 escort atm i might consider swapping

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