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fitting standard spoiler?


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standard spoiler to boot lid mk6 with out spoiler



1. measure out the centre of the bootlids upper lip and mark with a piece of masking tape


2. measure out the centre of the spoilers rear lip and mark with a piece of masking tape


3. measure the distance from the rear most side bolts to the rear edge of the spoiler foot and jot the measurement down for later


4. roughly sit the spoiler on its bolts on the boot lid and note roughly were the bolts contact the bootlid surface (both sides and centre)


5. masking tape the areas of the bootlid were the bolts contacted


6. using the measurement you took earlier mark a line right along the boots lip (or atleast so you have a pencil line across the masked areas)


7. offer up the spoiler again, lining up the centres and bolts to the line


8. Once your happy its in the position it needs to be, while holding the spoiler as solidly as possible give the spoilers top a couple of solid slaps.


9. If done right the masking tape should show clear marks from the bolts which are now your indicators for drilling the fixing holes.


10. holes drilled out and tape removed test there placement by slotting the spoiler in again (if not perfect the holes can be slightly elongated)


11. squeeze a line of high impact black mastic roughly 1" from the footings edge all the way round all 3 footings.


12. reslot the spoiler back on and tighten down the nuts to spread the mastic seal.



do not try and move the car for a minimum of 12hrs to allow the mastic to fully bond, temprature is not an issue with high impact mastic so it can be done late afternoon and left over night to cure.


hope that all helps :thumb:

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Cheers mate have much better idea now will print this out when i do it aswell , do u need to replace the gaskets on the spoiler or can it be fitted with out ? dont want the boot rotting out around the holes etc , where can i get the black mastik stuff ?
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