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pictures of my escort finesse


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these are pictures of my ford escort finesse one owner from new and only done thirty thousand miles hopefully a clean example for its age........

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That looks lovely that mate mines done 100k more than yours so look after it and it will last a very long time.

I would definitly suggest to waxoyl that ASAP so the typical places don't run wild with rust.

thanks mark yeh was thinking of taking it of road over winter few bits i need to do to it but waxoyl was one of them and re-sealing rear arches just in case and stonechip them under rear arches and paint them plus load of other bits i wana do :thumb:


V clean that

thanks craig try to keep it clean :thumb:


im jealous!

thanks 16vrhys was the mother in laws she had it from new but wanted a smaller car so i had her escort but how it is in pics is how she kept it mate :thumb:

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  • 2 years later...

Been working on the escort over the summer, wheels have been refurbed inside and out, mouldings, plastics trims ie door handles, door locks, wipers, plastic scuttle, have all been prepped and painted satin black, managed to get some side skirts very cheap so they been painted and fitted. Next year body work will be started, shame really as the only panels that have been painted so far are the tailgate, front and rear bumpers, the rest of the car is original even tho its now just hit fifty thousand miles.








wheels refurbed.




just few side pics of trims that have been done in satin black.





Probably about as much as this car will have done to it, as would like to keep it looking standard, only thing will be full respray next year. But thats easy for me being in the trade im in, well used to be as i no longer work for the bmw/merc bodyshop, i know work for a smart repair centre.

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how much would u be able to get a complete respray for?

Depends how much work would be involved in prepping the car ready for paint. The paint isn't a problem as i can get that fairly cheap with being in the trade its discounted quite well so i get the higher end paints which look better in the end result.

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Not a fan of 4 doors but when you see one that clean and original i have to be impressed very very nice.

Thanks :thumb:


Is it not as pukka as it looks in the pics :unsure: Why the future respray? looks lovely.

Its just showing signs of its age now, and i know what will happen I'll just start off doing a few bits. Then next thing i know its turned into a full respray so i may just aswell do the whole car. :thumb:


Very smart looking - love that scuttle panel!

Thanks JC. Saves having to put a trim dressing on it all the time. Its so easy to do tho. :cheers:


i like it. ill give u sum of my brotherly pepper red five door love lol

Lol thanks mate.

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