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Seat in the back of a escort van


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Ok so im looking for a van at the minute as i have two huskies and am returning to the UK in december and a van would be ideal to transport them and thier wooden crates. The only down side is that being a van there is only two seats and i need 3. Buying a larger van with a 3 seat bench is out of the question as i couldn't use that as my daily run around and so is an estate due to the back not being long enought for the crates. I know this has been asked before without much in the way of a good reply except for one which made the job out to be an absolute nightmare.


I know that legally there needs to be a secure mounting point for the seat belts, which im guessing the van doesn't have, but would there be any other way to get a back seat in the van?


I have contacted the DVLA regarding the legal issues required of seats, seatbelts and the impact on insurance that it would have, still waiting on a reply a month later. :(


Before bench seats are mentioned, would you put your 6 year old child on one of them with a lap belt?


Cheers in advance for any help.

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Thanks for the quick reply, i had noticed that the minibus seats with the fitted seatbelts had been mentioned but wasn't sure about the height of them. Don't suppose you have any more info about these by any chance?


Off now to do a google search. Cheers



OK so the chairman van had a slightly higher roof, would someone be kind enought to give me the internal measurement from floor to roof of a standard van please?

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Na too big, couldn't really be used as a daily drive for just one person. I currently have a escort MK6 (which i would sell if i could get a van sorted), the wife can't drive yet and i'll be going to upto scotland from dartford or cambridge twice a year and then any other trips i do with the family (me, wife, son, 2 dogs) and don't really want to have to take two cars (once the wife can drive), as hopefully with the mod the van will be my daily drive.


Cheers though.

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